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@commuterbike : C H R O M M U T E R – Thanks for your #commuterbike submission @my_bike_is_ill – I’ve always wanted a chrome bike so I built one. Inspiration came from throwing something against the wall and seeing what sticks. I enjoy going against the grain and creating unique builds that will fustrate cycle enthusiasts. In this case, I used a fixed gear freestyle frame and applied it to a daily commuter style ride for mad skids on the way to the grocery store. For those questioning the safety of the front wheel, its safe enough! – Frame: Skylmt SL-1 Fork: Dartmoor Bronx Bar: Specialized DJ bars (31.8) Stem: Mowa Mars (50mm) Rack: Soma Porteur Rack Bag: Inside Line Equipment Porteur Rackbag Cranks: Profile Magnutanium (165mm) Spindle: Profile Ti GDH (19mm) Sprocket: RYD 36t (48 Spline) Chain: KMC 710SL Pedals: VP-001 Foot Retention: Hold Fast Straps (Galaxy Edition) Seatpost: Origin8 (25.4mm) Saddle: Specialized Rear Wheel: MTX33 laced to Resist hub (13t) Front Wheel: Spinergy Rev-X Tires: Tioga Powerblocks (26x2.1) Illumination: Niterider Lights – Make sure to follow @commuterbike on @instagram and @rideoncommutesafe on @facebook and become part of the global #cycle commuting community. – Also send us your #bicycle pics (hires and view from the side) with some specs and info about your #dailyride to info@commuter-bike.de – the #bikes we love will be featured. – #ride on #commute safe
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