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@commuterbike : C U S T O M M U T E R – #Repost @cambridgebicycle – This bike began on a moonless night when @trrucklord picked up a torch and brazed his first frame, appointing @doomsickle as owner and caretaker for this fantastic beast. He promptly commissioned this staggeringly well-appointed luxury 29er build after @pikepowdercoating donned it a great green finish. Highlights on this build include handbuilt wheels, dynamo lighting system featuring a @sinewavecycles Beacon, @crustbikes Towel Rack and 1x11 drivetrain by @whiteind and @boxcomponents. Look closer and you might notice even more deep custom moments like the hand-polished headset 🤤 – This build is made possible by fabricators and craftspeople who are passionate about quality! We really believe that going the extra mile makes all the difference and all that effort pays for itself in smiles-per-mile (the only recession-proof currency). – Make sure to follow @commuterbike on @instagram and @rideoncommutesafe on @facebook and become part of the global #cycle commuting community. – Also send us your #bicycle pics (hires and view from the side) with some specs and info about your #dailyride to info@commuter-bike.de – the #bikes we love will be featured. – #ride on #commute safe
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