Our #Klamper disc …

Our #Klamper disc brakes are kinda complicated, but at the same time….pretty simple. One of the reasons they’re so powerful and smooth is the ball bearing ramps we machine ourselves and then have case hardened (that’s heat treating in carbon powder to make the ramp super hard and durable: it’ll last forever). Tolerances on these are +/-0.0005″. That’s tight! The roller bearings make a big difference over the plastic bushings you’ll find in many other brakes too. We’re a little nervous showing you an exploded diagram, because we don’t really want you to take your brake apart (you really shouldn’t need to for years), but one of the reasons this brake has been so popular with the touring/adventure riders is that it IS user serviceable, so if you’re in the middle of nowhere and DO have a problem, all these fasteners take standard Allen keys.


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June 29, 2017 at 04:03PM

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