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@commuterbike : P I N K P A N T H E R – #Repost @chapmancycles – James’s light touring bike (with basket) has rolled out the door. I spent some quality time with it outside on this windy day. I’ve had plenty of bikes fall over when photographing them but miraculously, this one stayed upright. Hi-res versions can be seen on Flickr. Link in profile. #pinkbikes #basketbike #touringbike #bikesarefun #chapmancycles – Make sure to follow @commuterbike on @instagram and @rideoncommutesafe on @facebook and become part of the global #cycle commuting community. – Also send us your #bicycle pics (hires and view from the side) with some specs and info about your #dailyride to info@commuter-bike.de – the #bikes we love will be featured. – #ride on #commute safe
Fri, 29 Mar 2019 23:20:10 +0000

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