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@commuterbike : T H E W O R K S – Thanks for your #commuterbike submission @chicagoschwinn – This is my daily ride and all around touring/trail cruiser! @surlybikes Bridge Club size (M) with a few added bits and pieces. Jones H-Bar, @brooksengland saddle, Surly 8-pack front rack with Wald 137 basket, @os.outside Outershell 137 basket bag and stem caddy, @swiftindustries frame bag and side kick pouch, @randijofab Big MUT bag, Cirrus BodyFloat seat post and @reneherse Juniper Ridge 650bx48 tires set up tubeless... it’s a smooth ride for sure! – Make sure to follow @commuterbike on @instagram and @rideoncommutesafe on @facebook and become part of the global #cycle commuting community. – Also send us your #bicycle pics (hires and view from the side) with some specs and info about your #dailyride to info@commuter-bike.de – the #bikes we love will be featured. – #ride on #commute safe
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